Bob and Weave

Thinking hard as I am these days about hairstyles, it struck me as being so cute that "bob and weave" would be a great name for a salon. With a diverse customer base.

What fullness of experience has been heaped upon me lately! And I've got the credit card bills to prove it.

Yesterday, I went hiking at Bash Bish Falls with a mixed crew - Jackie, Luis, and Manoj. Songs were sung (both the English and Spanish versions of 'John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt'.) Mountains were scaled, views were marveled at, and wasabi peas were crunched. We learned how long it takes for wool socks to biodegrade in the woods (not empirically). And we went to the Eveready!

And in the more recent past I feel the unsteadiness of my location. "Where shall I live?" "Where shall I vacation?" Now it seems that, as always, these types of questions are being resolved FOR me. In ways that are delightful and fortuitous. I don't know how to make sense of that.

A question I'm resolving on my own (with others) is "How good will I look when I lose all this weight?" More to come on that soon.

I do know though, I think, how I "feel" these days. I'm always deeply worried about something. But somehow this inexhaustible joy is seeping out of me, all the hours of the day. It's almost meditative. I don't want to wreck my concentration. For more details, please refer to "For Reverend Green" (Animal Collective) and "You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb" (Spoon).