Lost Season Two

Lost my second Kate Spade Bexley wallet to date. This time, in another city - Philly. We were in town for Homecoming "The Time is Now, The Season is Penn" 2007.

I feel disgusting as you might imagine after all of the NJT/SEPTA involved in a jaunt down to the City of Brotherly Love. What is it about staying over at someone else's house unexpectedly that leaves the inside of your mouth feeling dank and repulsive, regardless of whether or not you've brushed your teeth?

Anyway, two trips to Mad4Mex on Saturday demonstrated finally that the $5 margaritas at happy hour are still a ridiculously great deal.

I've re-arranged most of my bedroom over the past couple of days, with the exception of my bed frame, which I really don't feel like disassembling until the last possible moment. So I'm sitting here on my mattress...which is sitting on the floor. What is it they say about practice what you preach?

And visiting Chicago and Philly over this past week also more hard evidence to support my theory that living in Manhattan is an elitist dream. Brooklyn ho?