The difference between the words 'impel' and 'compel' is so nuanced. I was trying to think how I'd explain it in words, and didn't really get anywhere. Thank goodness for those dictionary machines!

From the Compact OED:
impel: 1 drive, force, or urge to do. 2 drive forward.
compel: 1 force or oblige to do something. 2 bring about by force or pressure.

Yes, I said - nuanced! You should probably imagine me, sitting at a white desk, looking out the window, thinking about using those words in a sentence.

Some big decisions, coming up! Mostly travel related. Scandinavia or Morocco for a November trip? I made a 'big decision' today when I bought a $350 Hogan handbag at Butter Consignment. It somehow looks not quite as cute sitting on my bed as it did in the store - the color looks different and the styling looks more old-fashioned (circa late 90s). But I am sure it will win a special place in my affections. Perhaps it will rescue me from a precarious situation?

A strange confluence of Huntsman alums on Saturday night in front of Zum Schneider. Beer is so weird. Really, only tasty when it is super wheaty or fruity! My hangover mystery a mystery no longer?

Ooh, but I saw the tail end of the Vendy Awards on Saturday as I wandered around trying to find Bodeguita "We use minced garlic instead of salt" Cubana. Mmmm...street food!