Paranoid in Reverse

Guess who?

My roommate just brought me back some lemons, all "Baby wanted twelve" style. And they're enormous! Really - as big as oranges. A superlative job of balancing "size with beauty", as he said proudly.

Brimming over with happiness at times. Life's kinks are seeming to work themselves out, more often than not. When I can discern east from west, cold from freezing, I feel wise. And I'm learning to remain quiet. To volunteer less than necessary, convey more than expected. To shutter down my natural, destructive glee. To temper my soul into dreamy discretion.

Oh, my all-knowing, all-downer father. He pointed out (several times) over lunch that IBM used to be just as giddily generous as Google is today. Christmas presents for all the employees' kids (our family's wooden chess set), Family Day at the Dutchess County fairgrounds. For us, the Dutchess County fair came twice each summer. For a few years.

As my body recovers from its company-sponsored foray into snowboarding, then, I will remember that everything decays, and gives rise to something new. Therein lies the not-so-astonishing corollary. "Everything starts with an idea", he said, gesturing around the sumptuous walls of the restaurant. My friends' art, Giada's Weekend Getaways, the precious and overpriced dim-sum brasseries she visits, Google.

"That's what you probably have to remember."