Senior Moments

I'm not sure whether it's adapting to a new laptop or losing my mind, but I've been making a lot of typos recently. It's woefully embarrassing for me, because cleanliness (in spelling) is next to godliness (in spelling) and all that. Ugh.

I don't know that I even have anything to write right now except (quickly, to appease those imaginary readers):

  • admit that the word eponymous sometimes confuses me

  • wonder if I'll stop being so tired anytime soon (totally have resorted to drinking coffee recently)

  • characterize Todd Oldham's bearing on Top Design as woefully impoverished acting...alas for the Tim Gunns of yesteryear

  • invite you to encourage me to start writing a novel about the next two weeks of my life

  • bemoan engagements, marriages, et al.

  • ponder the merits of self-medication

  • worry til sick about the self-medication of others

  • shut down for the night