Best of 2006

As promised to Tony over Google chat - an extremely glutton-oriented,

Best of 2006
Best Overall Food Experience
Without a doubt, the Makansutra Hawker Center that was right outside of our hotel in Singapore. Despite soggy weather and unshakeable jet lag, every saucy bite of char kway teow and greedy guzzle of uber-tropical juice made us feel free. And delectably inefficient.

Best New Year's Plans
Strutting into Times Square like it warn't no thang. Accompanied by police officers. Because we were going to a party at Bain. Such badasses are we.

Best Scam
Me, first bodily dragging and then sneaking Manoj into the Diplo show at the Guggenheim because "I left my coat in there!" + plaintive display of coat check. Absolutely true - try it some time!

Best Cake
Not like I asked Ann at the time, but I'm assuming the "Yellow Daisy Cake" at Billy's Bakery

Best Food Discovery
Clotted cream and jam (and scones) at Tea and Sympathy with Vicky, Julie, and Jeanie.

Best Live Entertainment
The Rentals. Please let that be you!

Best Library (this will transcend time)
The Princeton Public Library!

Best Non-Live Entertainment
The Science of Sleep...Casino Royale...Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

Best Cultural Institution
The Churchill War Museum in London. I didn't go, but it certainly cheered Chris up to no end, and it sounded great!

Best Recipe that I Made!
Plum and Limoncello tart. Best when plums are in season and when you actually have limoncello. This isn't the exact recipe, but I don't really see how it could be bad.

Best Free Pizza
Like, five of them. At Alligator Lounge. But it isn't free if you lose your adorable, limited-edition pop-up phone in the cab back to Carroll Gardens.

That's all I can think of so far! And yes, so much of it was food-related. As Lisa remarked earlier this weekend, "Isn't it normal to think about food all the time?" I said, "I think it's because all of our friends do that we think it's normal."

All of our friends except some. Hazard a guess? The three that Lisa instantly thought of have something very interesting in common. Interesting and lucrative.