What I'm Looking For in a Craigslist Posting

For the past two days, I've been compulsively checking and re-checking Craigslist postings and other realty type sites in a frenzied effort to find an apartment before the New Year. Not that I need to even move before the New Year, but I just love Craigslist.

But there have probably been virtual reams of listings that I haven't diligently followed up on (by entering them into my Excel workbook and calling them straight away.) This is because I would like my Craigslist experience to be a warm and friendly one. None of this "Female roommate looking for same to share West Village apartment."

I want vibrant notes of effusive exhortations with berry-like overtones of personality. Just as with grocery shopping, which I unequivocally do NOT do because I am ever low on anything (except basil and Kashi GoLean), I Craigslist for fun! Please help me by being fun Craigslist posters ... please!

This also goes out to brokers, really. I really appreciated Ruth's going out to see that $1,600 Cobble Hill studio that I know I can't afford (despite Mike and Anand thinking that I am Ms. Moneybags because of my newly-minted stock option-holding status). And then calling to tell me about it! To a lesser extent, the woman who had a place where the shower was in the kitchen and the toilet was in the bedroom.