Northward Ho!

Drove to Philly yesterday in the insane, balmy weather. Romped around with soon-to-be resident Dana and dropped off my old clothes at Buffalo Exchange.

It's revealing (to me) to note how many times I've moved since graduating. I keep forgetting, actually, what the actual number is, so let's enumerate now...

Depuis mai 2004...
1)Philadelphia to Poughkeepsie
2)Poughkeepsie to Chuncheon
3)Chuncheon to Jeonju Homestay #1
4)Jeonju Homestay #1 to Jeonju Homestay #2
5)Jeonju Homestay #2 to Poughkeepsie
6)Poughkeepsie to Manhattan
7)Manhattan to Princeton
8)Princeton to Lawrenceville

It would be pretty great to cite this as a largescale form of ADD I have, but I don't feel the need to press that point.

I do like to 'travel light' these days. Does anyone remember how much random crap I brought to college, freshman year? That magnetic calendar with stickerable magnets? Toys have given way to clothes and books. Speaking of books, well...

Either way, I almost like the process of moving. Not the heavy lifting and sweating and the bottoms falling out of boxes, but the opportunity to cull and dispose of the unnecessary trappings of life. Possibly the reason that so many people espouse the "Real Simple" zeitgeist is not so much for the real simplicity qua real simplicity, but that it allows them to be fully, anally aware what surrounds them at all times. But isn't that compulsive lust for control and self-actualization what created all the fake chaos in the world in the first place?

Time to wash my hair...and good-bye to all that...