two posts in a weekend bet you think that's pretty clever

doncha boy?

today was a two movie day. i went out with a few work people and watched little miss sunshine and then the beat that my heart skipped on dvd. little miss sunshine seemed a little glib. and the beat that my heart skipped kept skipping. fitting. it's been a real concert pianist weekend.

who even somewhat associates early radiohead with trainspotting? i'm pretty sure that there weren't any radiohead tracks on the trainspotting cd, and yet they seem pretty obviously bound up together.

who objects to smelling like delicious food? agreed, it's not very subtle. but uncontrovertibly delicious.

a word that i wasn't quite sure about but "knew" in a dream: obviate.

i'd like to say this will be a pivotal week, but knowing me, it'll all end in tears, i know it.