watching flip that house. too late i realized that i should have auctioned off a week's worth of custom-made fruit smoothies for the heart association. oh, i have a true gift.

trying my darnedest at work. i'm really happy with my project these days, so that helps to make every day a little more interesting.

what can i say about the next couple of weeks? i have some goals that i am trying to achieve. this will take some serious discipline and self-reflection. wish me luck because i'm going to need it! at the same time, though, i need to rein in my tendencies to think 10 steps in advance.

finally bought my ld tuttle trix sandals at zoe, but of course they don't fit my feet properly, and i tromped all over the heels last night. my sad, sad shoes.

last night those uncomfortable shoes and a very generous cabbie took me to the frying pan and a couple of new NYC apartments. so much fun. flip that house.