the fall

if you've ever seen me fall, you'd probably agree that it's the most natural motion ever :^)

this is probably the first time that i'm experiencing fall as a continuation of the status quo rather than a new start. there's always been a new school year or a new work environment. now, though, all the newness is up to me.

one new thing is blow-drying my hair! i think i've really gotten good at it after swearing up and down since i even cared that i didn't care. the trick, [sigh], really is to just do what they do in the salon and take it from the bottom on up. and, that is really gratifying, especially given that the original reason that i cut my hair short [sigh] was to be uber-sophisticated and trendy and not really wacky feathery layer asiany girly. it seriously takes about seven minutes! i'm a lucky girl.

a little irritated by the groupthink on project runway, no? i think nina is especially guilty of it; it could just be the editing but she seems like such a me-too judge! wouldn't it be more fun if the judges were to bicker a bit more a la american idol? or ... yeah i don't really watch any other reality TV shows, but sometimes my soul longs to see a little inter-judge bitchiness.

so since this really ought to be the beginning of a new year, some resolutions:
-to win that bet with maneesh! and i mean, with, as opposed to against
-to not buy any new clothes/makeups/shoeses until after thanksgiving (because i really don't see myself restraining myself on black friday)
-to buy books and music, instead! to develop that brain :^)
-to start cooking things that are delicious and not half-assed! i'm taking the private french cooking classes so i really have no excuse
-to care more about work in whatever capacity that may be
-to care more about my things especially my poor little car and my poor little handbags and poor little shoes and poor little room

and i came back from a lovely week in europe. and i experienced fashion week, albeit mostly through him. teehee!