i just came back from the rehearsal dinner for lisa's wedding tomorrow! it was delicious and filling, which is not necessarily so good because after breaking my diet (HARD) with lisa b last weekend with the margaritas and midnight pizzas and such, i feel disgusting again. i went for a swim this morning, which made me feel better for like 15 minutes. but that was all.

some stuff about sea otters that you may or not believe

while swimming (not on my back) i thought about me.
  • i almost always delight in the misfortunes of others.
  • i usually pretend to be listening to people, but i'm not. i hear j-lo does this as well. erg.
  • when people don't do the things i expect them to do, i get very peeved.
  • i'm really good at faking it.
  • pretty men make my heart sing!
  • i'm a very fast typer.
  • i apologize way too much/i'm way too apologetic (same thing?)

OH MY GOD! the GMAT company just refunded my $250!!!!!!!!!

bringing my bank balance to $341.66.