blink blank blonk blunk blynk

i got a NYPL library card a couple of days ago, thanks to finally having had something delivered to me here in NY (my cute little radio/iPod speakers) so i had a proof of residence or whatever you say.

so i got out a few books, one of which was blink.

if you know me pretty well, you probably know also that i fancy myself to be psychic. honestly! it just happened the other day, when someone was telling me about a good book they'd read and it turned out to be the kite runner. but i knew even before she told me anything about the book that that was what she meant.

anyway, the upshot of my having read the book is that i realized that maybe i'm not psychic, but that i pay very close attention to my subconscious. which makes sense, since i don't seem to pay close attention to my consciousconscious. right? and i love that people actually develop this awareness of their subconscious with the view of becoming "mindreaders."

recently i've been occupied with questions of taste and permanence. it's hard to decide what attracts me more: disrespecting things by accumulating them or by letting them go.

i was thinking after having seen the constant gardener that it was weird that ralph fiennes and rachel weisz were also in schindler's list together, but i just looked it up and it was actually embeth davidtz i was thinking of (who i now learn was the stick insect in bridget jones!). but they were in sunshine together! which i haven't watched. umm, anyway...yay, imdb.