not to be confused with snogging.

i just looked up slogging to check what the etymology could possibly be, but it's unknown. it sounds very ye olde english though! same for snogging, which is why the only time i've seen it recently is in harry potter books.

re: slogging - i'm slogging through these online tutorials for work, and they are really irritating because it's not just one continuous thing; it's divided up into about 58 short sections. but it is kind of a dark sickly pleasure to be learning so much about office.

just to remind myself i'm not entirely hating this slog.

oh yeah and today i went to home depot by myself and it was so fun. i don't know whether it's trying to emulate my mom that makes me such a wannabe handywoman or we are both innately handywomen. anyway, home depot is the place to be!