my new "thing" is to go to the gym in the mornings before school, around 6:15. now i've only done it twice, but that's a good average for me! the tough thing is that it means that i have to powerwalk from the gym to school without eating any breakfast. not that it matters because i don't really feel like having breakfast at my homestay anyway (or any other meals for that matter). but it makes me hungry right about now! i should start a yogurt subscription so i have a little mid-morning snack guaranteed every day.

so, yesterday was my 22nd birthday! i'm the worst at remembering other peoples' birthdays and i'm not really a fan of my own birthday, either. i don't know if this is really true, but it definitely seemed true in korea this year. i was trying to remember all of the surprise birthday parties that got thrown at/for me in college. senior year there was no party, but 4041 went to that coke frat and listened to the band with the asian drummer. junior year was the party at our house on sansom where i got all kinds of drunk and boycrazy! sophomore year lisa and doretta baked me some delicious muffins and dave took me to buddakan. freshman year ... i have no clue! and my blog is no help because did it ever make any sense freshman year? in any case, it's weird to be 22. i've kept thinking i was 22 already, because in korea you add a couple years for good measure (a.k.a. the time you spent in yo momma's belly!) so i feel like i'm 23! but i'm not. thank GOD!