absent minded like whoa

i could note that it isn't the MCAT i've been studying for, it's the GMAT. freudian slip! not!! gotcha!!!

i just got back from hanging out for tanya's birthday in kwangju, which was awesomely slothful! i felt pretty social and there was a really cute store there called "sandboy" which i visited twice because i always feel compelled to buy things from places that i appreciate :^D for their sake and for mine.

cab driver: where are you from? (referring to me, sarah, and aaron)
me: we're american.
cab driver: you're not american, you're korean!
me: no, i'm american.
cab driver: well, you're fat like an american.

later my mom said it's because people in kwangju don't like americans. it could also be because i'm fat like an american.

it's funny that i've gone to seoul so much more than kwangju which is two hours closer. then i've never been to daejeon. or daegu. a goal.