where did spring go?

you might think i made a mistake and i mean "where did winter go?" but i REALLY mean, "where did spring go?", because all of a sudden it feels like summer.

good thing too because my resentment of all things cold and Seasonally Affective was getting out of control. it was probably 70 degrees today after having been in the 40s last week (both numbers are total guesses, clearly). so i'm sneezy and tired a lot, both of which i like a lot.

just got back from volunteering - it was pretty hilarious today in that we were making picture frames for the polaroids we'll take of kids on children's day next week (may 5th)...but they were SO SHITTY! and time-consuming. and we all kept thinking, "if they were pretty and time-consuming it'd be okay but they are just so ugly!" i wish i'd taken a picture so that people could tell me the way THEY would've made them given the materials at hand...but trust me, there weren't a lot of choices.

carolyn and i are going to japan next week! i hope it's fun! it's definitely going to be really expensive...painful to pay $100/night for a place to stay when it cost you $16 three months ago a couple thousand miles south!