mr. monkey

here i am sitting in the office of seoul magazine as the intern/resident native speaker/thesaurus/marketing strategist. it's my 2nd day here and my 3rd day in korea. after some highly ridiculous confusion about where i was going to stay (thanks mom) i've settled into my dad's sister's house in seoul. and slowly the frame backpack that was filled with nothing but presents for relatives is emptying out. now that i think about it, it might have been instructive to live in my mom's sister's house in gunpo, as it would have helped me understand the joys of a 2 hour commute. potentially useful because i am working for ZS next year and now i have to decide where to live, etc york anyone?

being at home was great. i just feel so comfortable there and as though i can be good at things (especially talking to people and listening to people). it was so much fun to see everyone and their apartments in ny and philly, watch the OC, watch project runway, go shopping...i didn't really do any of the things i was "supposed" to do but it was totally just what i needed. i definitely did regret a little bit having to come back here. and i still do, especially in light of all this jet lagged grogginess i'm feeling (i guess during orientation i didn't have time to be jet lagged?) anyway. seoul is fabulous, i'm armed with a new digital camera, and we'll see how much fun i can have until i start teaching again.