slow death

it's good to be reminded once in awhile that having a crappy job can drain the joy out of life. today, believe it or not, i am skipping out of work early to get a wisdom tooth extracted and i am so excited about that.

so i'm working at a magazine and i have nothing to do. just the opposite of when i worked at a different magazine and i had TONS OF shitty work to do. so that good thing to remember about this is: i have bad magazine karma. i'll stick to reading them obsessively, not working at them. there! one potential career path safely scratched out.

sad other things that have been happening: my host family turning strangely cold (maybe not strangely? maybe not cold?) which makes me extremely wary of going back to jeonju. 1/3 of my signing bonus check being taken out for taxes. gaining so much weight over break that my marc jacobs jeans don't fit anymore. still not knowing whether NJ or NY is a better place to live. realizing that some of the "best" photos i've taken with my new digital camera are actually, really out of focus.

but i'm going to thailand and cambodia next week! YAY!