wouldja look at that

sometimes i have the experience of resisting something even though i know i will like it. like it against my will? especially if i'm resisting it because it's been hyped up. and so many things are hyped up these days. tonite i watched garden state with kevin and lisa and it was really good and i enjoyed it a lot! primarily i think my problem is that i don't like/am really jealous of natalie portman because boys often tell me that they are or were obsessed with her. jealous! tch tch i know. but anyway, she's really cute in this movie, although i didn't know her voice was the way it is. and maybe now i can watch closer. but NOT star wars III! i don't think. unless she says "blah blah blaah" in it.

umm. and i've ordered lots of things from online these days and it's insane to be waiting so anxiously for them. but i love it. and i went for day 1 of wedding dress shopping with lisa.

home makes me so happy. that was part of the garden state fun, listening to someone in a movie talk about home. i love zach braff!

but it's interesting to me how movie critics often call movies "self-conscious" but do they really mean ... a little clumsily handled? lacking in subtlety? overly reliant on dreamy hottub convos? i don't know. when i think of "self-conscious" i think of someone squinting at the other people they're talking to.