keeping up appearances

i hated british shows like keeping up appearances where the main humor derives from the insanity of the main character and you're supposed to be glued to the set because you have no idea what crazy idea she'll come up with next! mrs. bucket right?

but anyway. so i think i've gained back all the weight i've lost since being in korea. maybe not ALL, because my marc jacobs jeans still fit. but you know, most. but now i know that it IS possible for me to lose weight, and that not eating is a really good way to go about it. haha! in other news i had more "appearances" related trauma this weekend. my dad's cousin and her husband took me out for a drive on sunday, after church. we had a lot of fun actually, going to this farmers' rebellion museum and then to this old reservoir/water lock site thingie where we saw a mill and stuff. but the un-fun part was when the cousin and husband...and then my GRANDMA (who's not even my real grandma, as my mom pointed out to me) were all like "oh you should get eyelid surgery just like our daughter". okay, so i'm not the kind of girl who gets really bothered about shit like this because i have been dealing with it all my life, and at this point my mom and i have a pretty healthily joke-y relationship about me and all the different ways that my body is imperfect, but they just would not stop and it was a little annoying.

in other news, i'm leaving korea on tuesday but not before i do a mountain of xmas shopping w/ eileen and sarah in seoul. which will be great, i hope!