reflection is something we're supposed to be doing from time to time.

vijay singh is now the world's number one golfer.

but back to me...these past two days have been very telling in terms of reflection. this week's lesson is not really a lesson so much as me showing a movie (drumline) and bringing in drinks. on the kids' behalf, they have the option to fill out a video scavenger hunt and to bring snacks. pretty challenging, no? this is an "awesome" lesson. my 2-1 class went so far as to draw hearts and cute little messages on the board to say goodbye! (2-1 class not usually a stellar one: only 3/8 possible pizza points). which inculcated in me that familiar old sense of invincibility. which precluded me really worrying about my club class. which led to another shitty club class, at least for the 2nd graders. why do i assume that these kids want to learn from me? emphasis on both "learn" and "me".

kids are very hard to satisfy.

winter break plans include: going home, coming back and maybe interning/volunteering in seoul, traveling around thailand and cambodia. and that's exciting. but do i deserve it?