on the one hand, living with luis has clearly taught me all that i ever needed to know about the workings of the male mind. all illusions gone, all preconceptions shattered. this is great and fantastic, and isn't he the best housemate ever!?!

but on the other hand, i'd really like to go back to living with girls, please. and no! not just for the lesbian excitement potential! because i'd like to go back to a time where i was NOT in fact secondguessing myself or 'strategizing' or having minor spells of major anguish over the slightest of details. and instead be 200% empowered and 90% disdainful of men. 170% comfortable with irrationality. some great girl living situations have included, but are not limited to, ALL of them - in some way or another. from cty to nysssa to jsa to kc3 to dc and beyond...whether it's on baltimore or locust, living with girls is, and forever will be, the best. BEING a girl is the best! woop woop!

today my mom and i discussed how i once used to want a rhodes scholarship, and how cute that is, in light of my current GPA and noticeably 'loose' academic and personal trajectories, etc. i really was motivated by the presentation on fellowships, though, and maybe if i can find something interesting to research, it'll be really interesting. and also interesting. full moon just won't stop playing on spinner! i really have changed since last summer - and for the better, naturally...always for the better! is this preternatural cheer unnerving?! i'm trying to be as transparent as a pulp song and twice as nice!