i'm such an idiot. or rather, why can't i stop being so completely lazy? i was supposed to go see christina perform at the full measure concert tonight, but was so sleepy, i took a nap and never woke up. i hope she/everyone forgives me [paranoia talking]. meanwhile though, it's been busy here at 4237 sansom! last night we went out and watched the superlative chicago in olde city (ran to every single ritz theatre like idiots!), then met the newly triumphant lisa b at sheryl's b-day party. oh med students. oh life! and who knows what has happened in the more precedent days?! my memory fades.

i'm reading beckett. again. but this time in an ENGLISH class. [groan]

had a 'totally sweet' conversation with anand maybe yesterday, too, which made me really happy, because it teaches me not to dismiss everything so out-of-hand. in a similar vein, i'm so happy with my enforced netscape radio listening. it's worth the 15 minutes i spend every day mouse-fiddling with it, especially i hear bands that i've already kind of completely pooh-poohed based on their names (for ril - i mean, being a girl of the 90s i am so mystified by all this my morning jacket or the sea and cake when i'm so used to those great one-short-word band names -and i shan't list them, you know what i mean - or just bands named for someone in the band!) and okay, today we bought rat poison. we're officially prohibited from eating off the floor anymore.

and next year i'm gonna live with veronica anna and chantal! 4041 baltimore! HOT! i'm so excited...and slowly as my life gets busy i begin to trust a little bit more. like, i can delegate the job of making me feel lovely/loved to other people. one question, though. is it really my bangs which are making my skin so terrible! [anguish]