somehow somehow somehow my heart just stopped, listening to brandy's full moon...not that i ever imbued the song itself with any special significance. but clearly it's just to emphasize my leaving out any song associations below. SO too many, right? teehee...tiziano ferro comes very readily to mind. weezer and that dog. and also pines of rome, which is much lamer/cooler! oh, it doesn't ever stop! don't let it ever stop!

i'm trying to figure out now when full moon came out, and i think midsummer of last year makes the most sense. the reason it came up at all is because i downloaded the new spinner/radio@netscape thingie, and i've just been cruising around all night. i forgot how much time i used to waste, switching stations on this thing! and how i used to actually listen to music, and not just the same sophie ellis bextor singles again and again. one of the options is actually wdst which does it 100% for me!! i listened almost exclusively to 'dst during high school, while doing my homework, nights. so, it reminds me of sitting at my stolid white desk on april nights, listening to the crickets' creaky chirps, and the underside of my left hand blackened with pencil lead, and the buzz of my ridiculous lamp, and my feet planted firmly in some totally legitimate carpet. in a room of my own. with a door!