this must be the first time i'm not out due to being underage! but it's more like the fourth time that i'm not out because i was asleep when people were going out. me being underage is...frustrating, clearly, and even more so after my ID got confiscated in miami. i'm not sure whether i will ever do anything to get myself a new one, or just patiently sit at home until april '04. when i think about it in those terms, it seems like i should really get a new one! and a slightly more legit one than i had originally. in any case it's silly to be blaming my in-ness on age, because i've just woken up from being asleep ever since like, 4:30 in the afternoon. when i do something (only sleeping), i do it right (long enough to make it SICK!) and my room is so messy and stinky, i'm glad that i was afforded this chance to clean it out!

i can tell how busy i am in a week by what i've eaten. if it's exclusively peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and chinese food, i've been busy! and lazy!