so - waking up early on my own is one of my 'key selling assets', but all i do on these early sunday mornings is to make pancakes for me and my invisible friends or dogs, to keep opening and closing my outlook express, and to listen to new music (today, hot hot heat! unfortunately their whimsy and energy is really waning with each listen. first, though, i thought they were going to be my new the cure. how exciting would that be?!)

but new and sad developments. i tell the mexican wedgie joke to my interviewers. i break my discman (how?! omg!) the terrible ravages of spring allergies return. i am scared of tall people. we have no bike locks for our new bikes (this can be remedied). my diet is completely awry, and i hate the taste of chicken. there were two asian events yesterday, 'gospel jam' and 'fusion jam'. (i feel like asians are perhaps the least likely demographic to jam, so that was a pleasant surprise.) it takes me two days to read sixty pages of legal studies. i do really terribly on my mgmt 101 and lgst 216 midterms. i have no inkling of how to articulate what i feel about the hours.

all is not yet lost however. i'm gonna turn it up to 10!