best battle: west side vs. east side
best taste association: green beans:school lunch
best smell association: cum:cum tree:ammonia
best unexpected sound: firecrackers at 4 am
best one-word threat: "gangs!"
best last words: "I won't be scandalous."

now i have a type of 'door' to my 'room'. after lots of fabric/ladder iterations i finally did what felt right and now that green indian tapestry is kind of slipshodly hanging from its thumbtack mooring on the door frame and is fastened on the other side with a rubber band to my wardrobe. it's not high enough, it's really inconvenient, and i haven't yet figured out how to lock a piece of fabric...but at least i'm doing my part to ensure my roommates can come down to breakfast mornings in an unruffled state of mind.