Impatient Flap of Hand

The haircut I got on Friday afternoon is such a mysterious gift from the gods. Curiousest, probably, is the fact that there weren't any long pieces of hair on the floor when it was finished. And yet, my hair looks inches shorter and coifs like a dream. Lots of mousse! Another part of the mystique - Simon told me to lean forward and 'let the gravity pull the hair down'. Doesn't gravity always pull ... the hair ... down?

We went to the New Museum last night for like, 10 seconds, but it's true that museums aren't as fun at 1am. Especially once you realize there's no alcohol. Just candy. Oh, and art.

So, we went out instead, and of course ended up at K-town. Second night in a row of 3am kimchi pajeon and duk bokki. NYMag only shows 81 restaurants open 24 hours. When we left around 5, we could see the first tentative snowflakes falling on Manhattan.