Crash and Burn

This morning, I suited up for the gym and then ...didn't go. Things kept coming up! Like, as Andrew and I rambled around the neighborhood, we decided to open a door and walk in off the street to have our photos taken at a model casting call. The model casting call was for an agency called Ugly Models. I don't know how you can beat that. I guess I could still go to the gym.

The model casting call was fortuitous on several unexpectable levels. Andrew and I had been talking about headshots for his company, Lookmakers. I have always deluded myself that I would one day be "discovered" as a model. People of all sizes, ages, and numbers of lazy eyes showed up.

Recently, I have organically developed some convictions to live by:
  • Suffering doesn't buy you happiness
  • Organizations are set up as a way for society to parent you once your parents aren't there. Why not just parent yourself, instead? Or, to paraphase, "Do it yourself".
Time for another nap, I think. Going to the new museum on the Bowery tonight, at 1am or something. Must rest up!