It's wonderful to be shocked by things when you'd like to consider yourself completely jaded. Such as the palatial digs of Jenn's co-worker's apartment, and the attendant bartenders and Halloween frat party atmosphere last night. Palatial. Hot tubs for apple bobbing. Etc.

My bed is now re-assembled, freshly made, and now rumpled again.

I wish I were now not such a total wimp about doing some more substantial (and necessary) room alterations, like putting up bookshelves. Then again, it'll just be less to do when I leave. Hooray, for leaving!

And also my dismay at some highly rhetorical and nerdy reactions to an extremely homophobic confrontation at 3:30 in the morning last night at Daddy-O over piles of tater tots and chicken quesadillas. Well, we're all worn out from all the celibacy we've been having.

I think I've started storing up for the winter months. Food tastes so good to me these days!