Spring Awakening

Must have a really catchy soundtrack, because there are commercials on TV for it sometimes, and the music stays in my head. I'm not a Musical person, but I think I would see it! And listen to it! Experience it!

Saw The Lives of Others with Anand tonight. Originally, we were all set to watch The Namesake, but seems like the entire desi population of the tri-state area got to the Angelica before us. It was sold out all night! Just as well, though, because I don't think I was in the mood to cry and feel 2nd generational. Much more in the mood to fume internally against socialist police states. Such a simple movie - at its base maybe a 'double agent' movie as Anand pointed out. Amazing...watch it! Who knew East Germany was Socialist? I mean, THAT Socialist? Was Austria? Does anyone get that far in their AP European History class? This is my brain on not really caring.

But I'm feeling very out of sorts tonight. So many potential things to blame it on. Recent wild fluctations in diet, schedule and now self-medication. If you believe everything you read, my body ought to be struggling to manage the ingress of toxins and pregnancy.

Any out of sortsness, though, does diminish a little bit when I feel the 50 degree weather outside. I don't remember ever having this overpowering sense of nostalgia at the coming of spring. Tonight, we were walking towards the subway from Doma and there was the lick of a warm breeze in the air. I'm so excited to go home in a few weeks. Poke my nose into the lilac tree and look for crocii in the back yard. Listen to the sound of the creek through an open window.