The Best

I don't often go grocery shopping these days because working at Google has discouraged me from ever wanting to eat anywhere but the office.

So even though I was initially perplexed by my roommate's fridge stocking habits (diet Coke cans and batteries), I wasn't doing too much better for awhile.

I guess I could also point to there not being any great "one-stop shop" places to buy groceries right around my neighborhood. There's a grim, mazelike Gristedes around the corner. There are great bread and cheese places on Bleecker. But there isn't anywhere that offers a full array of Whole Foods Supermarkets Pastorally packaged foods (btw, The Omnivore's Dilemma is so much better than I anticipated. Read it! Michael Pollan is a fine writer).

This is probably I walked to the Greenmarket in Union Square on Saturday. Despite all the snow, at least a dozen vendors were there. I love being able to buy humanely laid eggs from farmers from Clinton Corners (a small town, close to Poughkeepsie, where I once had a gig playing cello for a wildly eccentric couple's medieval theme party). I bought the aforementioned eggs, some Fuji apples and three sugar-free banana oatmeal cookies in a baggie. I ate all three cookies without much relish as I meandered through DSW an hour later. For some reason this is a detail I feel very open to sharing; probably because it indicates my state of mind on Saturday afternoon. Ready to consume.

Surprisingly, this mood wasn't enough to compel me to buy the grey Marc Jacobs stacked heel loafers that were lonelily sitting in the clearance section for $120. I high-stepped around the store in them (security tag trailing behind) for 15 minutes, salt-coated Frye boots and socks tucked under arm, before deciding that walking in them was not anything like walking on a cloud, and that it would be yet another purchase made for the sake of an item's Platonic ideal, rather than the item itself. Foolish.

Anyway, today I felt so proud of the two yummy delicious Fage yogurts that I bought at Gristedes. Never mind that I used to be able to create my own delicious yogurt when I lived in ze country. Not only do I love Fage yogurts, but I actually did some field research to find the cheapest Fage yogurts! Probably not capital The cheapest, but for your future reference, they are probably cheaper at Gristedes than at either Murray's Cheese or anonymous bodegas. I felt possessive and victorious.

As I was walking around, though, searching for some capital The Best place to buy my groceries without going 'all the way' to Union Square, I wondered whether any such quest was really worth my precious time.

Some peevish notes which move from more to less relevant:
  • that my time is clearly not precious at all, except to me - the habitual lateness and flakiness of most New York friends in the recent past would indicate this definitively
  • how disappointingly well that lateness and flakiness seems to correlate with other social improprieties
  • and yet, I am so happy in most of my waking hours that the above two points can't really bother me too much
  • that I can't bear people who listen to their own laugh (this includes me but obviously is much more 'bothersome' in other people)
  • and that I'm not sure how to handle people whose habitual mode is ... completely self-congratulatory. I mean, congratulations
  • we finally went to see Assscat! tonight, and it was consistently laugh-out-loud funny but not quite stomachache-inducingly funny. But, Andy Samberg and Jack McBrayer were there. Like, omg, because Jack McBrayer said 'dinghy' in the funniest way possible.