the ebb and flow of others

i think that's the last part of independence day, which is one of my most often read books (aka not any more one of my favorite books. alas.) um. so i'm so impressionable. yesterday i worked at the bookstore of seoul selection and it was great! so now i'm all "go seoul selection" again. god. also yesterday a bunch of the fulbrighters met up at one of the US foreign service officers' houses for a nice dinner and chatting to ppl about the foreign service, which is probably not what i'm interested in doing but since i did my 8th grade career project on it i felt like it was a good opportunity, plus there were hamburgers, people speaking english, and actually it was very eye-opening to see that ppl in the foreign service are not like hardcore lifers but they come from a variety of backgrounds, etc. so you know. argh.

sometimes i think i'm going insane. or like, just that i have kind of significant ADD. and i wonder if i should be on medication. but then i'm like, being on drugs would really suck on so many levels. so no. but i feel like it detracts from me being successful sometimes. i need to get serious and focused about things, but it's hard.