those summer nights

school has been going pretty well so far, although i live in constant discomfort. speaking korean is discouraged and speaking english is slow, well-enunciated, and at an elementary school level. basically i can't talk anymore. especially when my students ask me questions like "when was your first kiss" and "are you religious" and "what is your size? bust, waist, hip?" haha? haha. and from my fellow teachers "what is your favorite food?" although i've had some great conversations with my co-teacher and the other new female teacher at school about korean society (great meaning ... pretty wholesome and typical conversations?)

it's crazy that i only taught for three days, and that last day was actually not so much teaching as helping to proctor a ridiculous exam that the students didn't know about until two days before. that was fun, and involved lots of waking sleepy boys up. i gave my co-teacher and vice-principal my "american presents" and left the principal's korean present in my desk drawer. i hope it doesn't go rotten over the hot hot weekend!

and last night was fun - i hope friday night is always pizza night! later i went out w/ duncan and had lots of nice collegiate discussion about identity and family and james joyce and france and postmodernism...pretty much the usual.