two steps forward, one step back?

something that i always feel determined about is to stop making the same mistakes i always do, like being impatient with people or forgetting to smile. and avoiding situations that are potentially hurtful or tiresome or disappointing. very murphy of me?

yesterday my host siblings and i had a lot of fun in the jeonju downtown area, visiting n-tepia like 5 times for assorted reasons, watching the bourne supremacy, buying couple dolls, and eating at outback. i get so tired these days though, even if having retail fun, which worries me for the coming week of actual teaching. starting tomorrow. i guess it's only 3 days :^P i should really start figuring out what an exercise routine might consist of. one that would last more than 2 days.

and it was great to hear the screams of victory rain down from apartment windows as the south korean won the ping pong gold medal. i'm sorry - table tennis!!