dinosaur jr.

sometimes i wonder about band names. never having been part of the band other than the inertia-fated KJC. similarly i was completely taken aback while reading my vault guide to marketing/brand mgmt. oh god. i can't really think of anything. fear grips me..."the mind boggles," as an adviser told me today.

today was great in some ways, i guess...a continuation of last night, when we (sonance) played in rittenhouse square as part of the philly weekly's outdoor music series. v and i went to the AFTERPARTY (ouais c'est vrai) and had so many drinks - multiple cosmos and some sour thing and veronica's g'diva cappuccino martini. it was talkative fun and talking to our patrons and waiter was a really good time. ("jeffrey!") plus, we got free black baby ts. that, to match the $11 black sandals and ridiculous hat that i had bought earlier that afternoon :^D today i didn't wake up on time at all despite now having both my alarm clock and my phone alarm on (too lazy to change...what is this life!?) the work day was actually pretty good, even though i just realized now that i need to write a note to maria, who i'm not going to see because she won't be in tomorrow...and probably to my boss as well. work got so much better as i got more 1) tolerant, 2) patient, 3) self-sufficient/prescient about what was needed. there are a few things that i worry about but other than that. no matter what else has changed, i get real bitchy to people who i don't understand. that's a problem (again, reading the vault guides...good/bad). also today, i found out that indeed they are hiring a new person at my agency and that if i were graduating in any sense of the word, that i could be that person. it's strange that i should find that out on the 2nd to last day of work. also that i do, maybe maybe, have a chance at doing some sort of travel or study after i graduate. but also today, i finally presented the database and i think that i did a good job with it, although i'm still pondering how on earth it could've been made simpler. perhaps no way but i'm not ACTUALLY an expert on access so who knows. no doubt i'm missing something crucial. what else is new?

things which remain to be shopped for: a skirt suit, nice girly buttondown shirts, THE ribbon necklace (waiting like a hawk for a sale), cute print skirts (ah for the end of the summer), a cute jacket. more room decor. and...always some socks.

the cutest dogs are in my house but my mp3 player and outlook are broken. tonight i actually watched the premiere/2nd episode (couldn't really tell b/c i was flipping channels) of oc...like, for instance, belle and sebastian or my morning jacket, something which i was peripherally aware of, felt a bizarre tie to, and might get into. this is so not me. but i never ever watched any of that 90210-y stuff back in the day, as i was usually studying or reading.