currently paranoid about...

people logging off of kazaa lite k++ which would slow down my getting this movie (the two towers...i am so trying to be proud of this)!

today was pretty...interesting. i nearly cried at work today at the very end since it was my last day...ridiculous as i think about it, but i'm over-emotional and also my boss cried (not at ALL because i was leaving although that probably was a bit of a stressor) so i felt a bit better about it. i guess...the highlights would be that:
  • the three "ladies" at work paid for me to get my nails done in lieu of the more traditional "lunch"

  • i once again got sort of offered a job. and 0.5 + 0.5 = 1!

  • i ran all these errands, including going to buddakan and this wonderful cake shop around the corner

  • the j. crew seersucker pants, even in petite, looked terrible on me. i was kind of happy about it!

  • i talked to jamie on the phone, which i haven't done in like...years and years. maybe we'll see each other in dc tomorrow if i do go

i guess it's been a long time since people have been at all impressed by me, if they ever were. and i think i'd totallly forgotten what it means to be appreciated. or to have your hard work appreciated. i think i found a work ethic this summer. what can beat that?

my new body shop purchase which is quietly fragrancing my room with "mandarin peel". and now, my french manicure. it looks great!