today alexis and i disputed our pgw bill in style. in case i haven't unleashed my ire against pgw before, i'll just say that they're so terrible and that it seems like it should be illegal for a utilities company to be as inefficient and nasty as they are. but anyway. unfortunately, disputing the bill meant that i had to kind of take off from work, which really sucked. i'm feeling badly about changing my schedule so much, etc etc., and considering the future...i'm not sure whether they're going to hire any interns after the summer. and not that i'd be the #1 draft pick, but even though it's very informal etc., i should try to be more professional about things, i think. so anyway, the weird one-finger typing man FINALLY settled our bill (though knowing pgw, i'm sure that it'll never get here or he'll change his mind or they'll blow up our house in exchange) so i was at least happy about that. now i'm home, hot, air conditioner-less - but that should change soon.

and the citre shine is amazing. it made my hair feel silky anyway! for REAL! haven't worn any hats yet though. and just gorged myself on pasta. tomorrow i swear...swimming or gym.