sweet sweet title field

but still online lonely [looking around] that's fine :^D my lips are chapped because of my air conditioning, my hair is soft because i'm sweaty. [glare]. today we're going to the jersey shore. yesterday we scored a gig at a restaurant but it remains to be seen whether we will be able to do it due to our travel plans for august. i've been really sleepy at night lately. it really sucks and i wish it would stop, because it makes me really immature and impatient. people keep carding at the places we go to, so i really i hope i get an ID somehow soon! i've got lots of laundry to do. tantalizing topics at dinner last night at lisa's...errr too many. the crazy nature of private schools. why miniature = cute. boy, am i groggy. i think i slept at 4. i just woke up from a dream where i was at i think my high school graduation, and not only did this dude (a chaperone? a counselor?) start making out with me while we were sitting in alphabetical order, waiting, i also missed my name being called! it was a pretty honest dream in that i was a real bitch to everyone i feel very conflicted about. and when i say honest, i mean petty and immature.

off we go!