what a crazy week. really, really. i went home on saturday, which is always/never fun by train. i've only been driven home twice, i guess and always since it's the end of the year, all my possessions are at my side and things seem brutally uprooted about me. but anyway, home was great, the weather was beautiful, i felt fat and no one liked looking at me, and we saw the vivace concert at bard. then walmart where i bought lots of fun toiletry stuff. was feeling pretty buoyant about things, i guess, until my grades came up a few days ago (yesterday?). even though i did well in two classes i did Bwell in my two others. funny how freshman year, Bs didn't bother me, and now they do. and i even capitalize them. well, i guess they deserve that. but anyway, maybe maybe something magical will happen and i will wake up or TAs and professors will give me As, As, As. boy did i want to do well this semester.

so, even though my job is really fun (pretty fun!) i'm thinking that i might want/need to take that spec markets class this summer after all. to show that i can get an A in a finance class. once and for all! mmmph :^( why am i so bad at school?! (so rhetorical, because i know all the answers).