drunk you say? 10:15 on a sat-uh-day niite...this completely saturnine kir that i'm drinking, to dissipate the memories of this entirely frustrating day. i'm a little sick and spent the hours btw 8:15 am and 5:40 pm babysitting, for the rate of $5/hr. a fact i would discover only after the mom and ward had shuffled down my front steps and back into their lives, away from girls who need to pay the rent and take care of their lifestyles. omg! i looked it up - $5/hr is below minimum wage, and this woman def'ly called me 14 hours before she dropped her importunate child off. o.m.g. so kir, and i guess a short recap of this week at work. highlights would include feeling stupid when our CEO asked me to proof a form that we were sending to a client...pouring clients water from the top of a sports water bottle (image: milking udder. sound effect: milking udder. at once consistent and embarrassing - it was SO b/c i couldn't twist off the top. i didn't know it would attract as much attention as it did). getting used to a type of seasonal office patter which consists of reiterations of bodily complaints - especially when it comes from me. i hate being sick. but mostly, enjoying every day of my job, because i'm doing concrete work that i see the value of. sometimes i hear gossip about wharton; it makes me smile.

and...my brother did really well on his SATs, which i'm so happy about! i hope my mother sees fit to take a measured step back from the uneasy and 100% ulcerous campaign she has launched for/against him to 'perform' well in these last few months before early admissions apps go out (i heartily appreciate anything which profits from my mistakes in applying to colleges, though, so i'm on her side even while understanding the slack-jawed obstinacy he's practicing now).

and i mean, haven't had a drink in a long time, a temporary teetotaler in protest of "kato's" alcoholic ways.
but it feels so good to feel that the fog and dizzy-headed misguidedness of my life is coming from alcohol. and not age.