ohhhh we've become really culinary lately, with bbq chicken spawning fried chicken (2x) and today, cold potato and macaroni salads and rigatoni and sugar snap peas. yesterday was steak of course. we just fall asleep after each meal, for hours and loaf and laze endlessly until prompted to roll out of bed. wake up with creased eyelids and go brush our teeth together. i worry that i have this lazifying effect on people...the tendency to indolence. tonite the stimulus was l'auberge espagnole, which was playing at the bridge - third time i've seen it and still soo good, though yes, it does somehow seem like propaganda for erasmus. no matter. oh yeah and i got a job today at the 'wedgie place'. i'll probably take it, b/c obviously i have only very tenuous alternatives...okay, can't concentrate on this anymore, because i have to study.