why did i think that i could survive without burt's bees lip balm? i'm crazy...i'm dedicated to very few products in my life, but they do include l'oreal plenitude lotion and that lip balm. it works. tomorrow i have my management 101 final, and also my english take home exam due. [sigh]...don't really feel like preparing for either, but i guess it is a small amount to ask: after that, only one exam and my research project for work to think about. washing dishes and figuring out the gas bill situation also fall onto the 'things to get done next week' list. going to the gym. figuring out what to do with this spinach! wearing the new pink dress... :^P i'm so sleepy right now and can't think of anything cute to write, but today was really cute. a nice sunny day and time moved alternately quickly and slowly.