i think this is the end of spring fling for me. my legs are mud-splattered, my lungs are rasped and ragged, and i feel so so fat. this weekend was really just like consumption of liquid and sometimes solid calories, punctuated by periods of slow and rangy movement. today was fling in the quad, and the weather was great for it...we saw this incredible [the people i love are coming down on me hard for my use of superlatives - when i say incredible, i think that i mean SKANKASS] girl who was wearing a bra! mind you this bra was "underneath" one of those tops that ties really low in the back. it looked so, so, dumb. i'm gonna die for talking such trash about some girl i don't know. typical gossip consequences. but -

CHIL'E if u r gonna put yourself out there don't hold back! we were debating what kind of punishment we could mete out on her. boo!

yesterday was the concert at franklin field - we saw basically jurassic 5 and busta rhymes [how is it that i've seen busta rhymes 2x in my life] and it was freezing and strangely set up but so much fun. i was afraid i was going to get sick on the strangers in front of us, i was reallly struggling during the first half of the concert!

i've "finished" with my 3 international studies credits [oh work that magic - it does feel good to beat the system!] and i went to a talk by/lunch with the french ambassador to the US, which almost rekindled my youthful dreams to become a diplomat. but of course, not quite, because there's a reason those dreams were ludicrous, and why i completely dreaded the prospect of having to take another int'l studies course. i'm so uninterested! :^( but then. what isn't uninteresting on some level? :^D

my cheap ho boots came, from j. crew! the extraordinary thing is that my left calf is way fatter than my right one! and so only one fits. i don't know how to amend the situation, but it's a good goal to work towards: well proportioned and hot legs which can be booted. similarly my face as always is so fatty fatty. this weekend is one of the last ones before things get crazy and our junior year ends...still no word on jobs, and my house situation is kind of vague, too. i'm dealing with ambiguity.