immense sigh for senioritis! maybe we're enforcing it in each other, but i think mostly everyone is sick to death of going through the motions of classes and meetings and going out and coming back and being at school! the weather hasn't helped at all; we're going to end up with wet bums (stoned?) sitting on franklin field for spring fling. hanseul what WILL you be missing?! :^D although...well whatever. there is this unsolaced brown paper bag gloominess about these recent snowy and windy days which is just so wrong!

my watch is broken. so i'm looking around for new ones. i think i can trace my watch back generation by generation by brand thusly! spoon, flik flak, skagen, swatch, swatch, swatch, flik flak. is it time for something new? i mean, i can still tell time with this one [the one i split with andrew like, thanksgiving of freshman year!] but it will never make the jump to daylightsavingstimespeed. :^(