way too busy to write. the non-academic nature of most of my entries since in france is not misleading! i have not done any work since landing in france, but now i have to do some! i just took my regards croisés test, which meant me, looking at a still life of wine and gaufrettes and telling where the life in the painting came from. highly satisfying. now just some critiques of jacques lacan/the count of monte cristo and voltaire/stendhal! lately everything is about compare compare contrast. mmmph.

and i bought lots of tickets which will take me from lyon to paris CDG, paris CDG to paris nord, paris nord to london waterloo...[confused pause]...london victoria to london gatwick, london gatwick to amsterdam airport...[cough and look for fruit snacks] and amsterdam station to paris CDG! actually i haven't bought half of these tickets, but i get the idea. logement might be a problème. [blithe wave of hand]. ah, travel.