one huge problem with emails is that there's almost no chance of people gathering up my epistolary efforts into a 37 volume set entitled Correspondance after i die. just people's inboxes. and my sent mail box. of course. but i am a masterful emailer! maybe we can still make this happen. (clearly i am insane. what is worse than my emails? nothing.)

this weekend (lyon will have you know that this weekend started on thursday!) was la fete des lumières, and was full of light and trop de monde. every night, streets were just brimming with good natured, well bundled up people and plumes of smoke (various sources) and strings of lights everywhere! also i went to the municipal library, where there was a roundtable discussion of jules et jim, featuring like six extremely relevant people. including the sons of the real life jules and jim! wow. i was enjoying it, really i was, even though i've only seen the movie once and had mixed feelings about it. after about an hour, though, i thought i should leave, so as to recuperate my books from the magasin where they had been waiting for me for an hour and a half. but then realized i didn't want to be that girl. so instead i half-feigned a coughing fit (i'm getting sick again) and left even less discreetly! the disappointing part was when, right at the beginning, the mc was like "jeanne moreau was supposed to be here, but she had pressing business in rome"...why tell an audience that? it hurts on so many levels!