5:31wake up to watch alarm
5:31turn off alarm clock
5:39survey status of room and luggage
6:07throw luggage down 2 flights of stairs
6:20 - 7:12metromishaps of all varieties
7:12 - 7:38realize i have no bus fare and start talking to marine biologist
8:20ish get off bus, incur all sorts of debts to marine biologist, who can't stay for juice because we're late
8:40incur very real $45 fee for my 13lb overweight luggage and also leave shoes at the ticket counter, in a plastic bag
8:47get through security and get iced chai latte and banana nut muffin
8:50the lady at check in tells me about my having left the shoes at the ticket counter
8:55shoes are duly delivered, and i'm frisked to get on the plane
9:05-10:15amazingly clear skies, aerial views of philadelphia and manhattan, and land in albany
11:00-4:25drop off collar-raised dad at golf, wait for chris while prancing around saratoga, buying beads and bags and new summer wardrobe for the 13th seat violist in the family. and eating yummy tings
4:30-5:50pastarific dinner
6:00retrieve 2/3 belle and sebastian cds from my brother's clutches
8:30get to poughkeepsie despite crazycruisecontrol
8:43e-mail blackmail
10:00we make a $150 pledge to channel 13 during the simon and garfunkel concert broadcast
10:12finish my mostly green bead necklace
diner fin