ouch...lactic acid buildup in knees. my growing pains. as anyone who knows me well can attest, i lost my winter coats at penn. how? i know not. it is a complete mystery to me. just another loss in a string which was first spun in kindergarten, when i lost my pink raincoat in a cubby. is it because i am an ethereal and scatterbrained sprite? no. i am just irresponsible. possibly the only benefit from losing raincoat, waterbottles, palm pilot, winter coats, bag, wallet, etc etc...is an almost zenlike unconcern for all material goods.

except when i am shopping, which is what connie and i did today. how can anyone control themselves when there are so many beautiful objects in the world?!? alas. today i bought birkenstocky ("watt bequem") sandals and a lil miss hottentot buttondown shirt. and now, my knees hurt as in the days that i was still growing. because i went crazy on my elliptical trainer. for those of you that were wondering from the very beginning. YEAH!